'Cotton Guitars Guitar Shop is a shop that offers a variety of vintage, unique and affordable guitars for starting or experienced guitar players.'

Cotton Guitars About Us

What We Do

Awesome and affordable

We noticed that a lot of (vintage) guitar shops offer awesome guitars, but often these guitars are very expensive and not for the ‘common’ women or men. We want to make a difference and offer unique, often vintage, but most of all affordable guitars for all guitar players.

For what it’s worth

Besides being a shop we also provide a valuation service. Because of our knowledge and experience, we can determine the current value of your guitar. Our keywords are trust and honesty, so we offer this service for free!

We buy your gear

If you want to sell your guitar, we are always interested! Sent us some good photos of the whole guitar, plus a detailed description and we will get back to you with an offer. Of course, we will resell the guitar, so our offer will be below the market value, but it will still be a fair offer. 

Assistance to sell your guitar

If you are looking to sell the guitar for market value, Cotton Guitars can help you with that. Because of our extensive network of guitar enthusiasts and dealers, and our knowledge and experience with international online marketplaces, we can help you get the best price for your guitar. For our help, we ask a reasonable percentage of the final price the guitar makes.


During my life, I (Robin, Founder and Owner) have always had a passion for music and guitars, and as it goes with a lot of guitar players, my guitar collection grew larger and larger. And we all know, if you want to buy new gear, you sometimes have to sell some old gear, unfortunately.

During this time I gained a lot of knowledge about guitars, and a lot of experience in selling, buying and trading guitars via my own extensive network and various online marketplaces.

In 2015 I started working at Catawiki, an online auction website. First in sales, contacting guitar dealers and convincing them to sell on the platform, and in 2017 I became the company’s guitar expert and did this gig for over 2 years.

During this period I was already thinking of starting a guitar shop, with the full focus on doing business online. The trend and rise of e-commerce have also been entering the musical instruments world and with my knowledge and experience in both these worlds, I saw an opportunity. This insight, in combination with my experience and knowledge in marketing and digital, has made this opportunity possible.

Cotton Guitars What We Do