Musician Sound Design Silver Machine Wah Effect Pedal – Germany


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A nice, rare and wanted Musician Sound Design Silver Machine Wah pedal, in very good condition. Everything works as it should!

Hand made in Köln, Germany. Very hard to find. Outstanding and great sound quality. The material is top quality satin stainless steel and the electronics used to buit it are also premium quality ones.

The Musician Sound Design Silver Machine Mark II Wah Pedal has 3 switchable frequency bands and 4 switchable bandwidths, with Classic (Wah only) and Modern (Wah & Dry mix) modes for more variations. Unique Auto-magic activator allows for simple, quick activation of the effect – step down on to engage, step off to disengage. Foot-switchable. Continuous on mode allows for use as a static filter. Bypass switching for silent operation.